Poker Table Etiquettes

Poker is one of the games played by professionals around the world. It is due to the reason that it is easy to play and yet has infinite possibilities and strategies of winning. Which is why players spend years to master their poker skills which offer rewarding result. If you are planning to choose Victory996 poker as a career or want to simply give it a try, these table etiquettes will help you to be more professional and disciplines at the beginning of your career.

Dress well

Although it is not a hard and fast rule, other players at the table will appreciate that you are not too flashy with your dressing sense. Wearing something funny is acceptable if you can carry it all the way. Formal attire is most appreciated by the professionals, so a shirt and trousers is your best pick for wearing to a casino.

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Know your turn

Do not mess up the turn of other players and always know your turn. The rounds proceed clockwise at the table. Always wait for the opponents before you to place their bets. Betting out of order not only disturbs the game but also gives an advantage to other players. Act only at your turn and always be present at the table physical and mentally if you are playing.

Do not splash the pot

Throwing the chips directly into the pot is called “splashing the pot.” It makes it difficult for the dealer to calculate if you have bet the right amount of chips as it gets mixed up with the rest of the pot. The right way to do it is to place your bet right in front of you at the table. The dealer will first calculate your bet and then place it with the rest of the pot.


Avoid string bet or string raise

When you make a bet at the table, make sure that you put the entire bet in one go. It is considered illegal to place less than the raise or call first without announcing and then throwing more chips once again on the table. Always mention that you are raising, and place the raise with the call, all at once. String raise can make a player take advantage of other players which is not accepted.

Keep your cards on the table

Do not take your cards away from the table where your opponents and the dealer cannot see them. Keep the cards on the table where they are observable by the dealer to make sure you do not make any fishy switches. Today there are cameras installed at every table which makes it easy to catch a cheater, but it is still considered the right way to play at any table to place the cards in front of you all the time.

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