Superstitions and myths around casinos and gambling

  1. A popular superstition originating from Asia is that red is a lucky colour while gambling. For the Chinese, red symbolizes prosperity and hence is thought of as a colour that brings good luck. You can catch superstitious gamblers wearing red shoes, red trousers and any other item of the same colour to increase their chances of making a big win. They could even be wearing red underwear. Some casinos in Macau such as 9club have red rooms specifically to bring good luck.
  2. Some believe that walking through the front door of a land-based casino is bad luck. The superstition was born because players were to walk through a gigantic lion’s mouth to enter inside the MGM Grand Casino. Some people continue to use the side doors instead of passing through the main entrance even after the casino had their entrance changed eventually. Superstitions aside, it is not hard to see why the stigma was born.
  3. For the Maltese people, it is superstition to hide their lottery tickets so as not to jinx them. This likely stems from their belief of the evil eye.

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  1. Crossing one’s legs at the gambling table is believed to cancel out any good luck that could have otherwise come their way.
  2. Most gamblers who are superstitious avoid counting their money while playing casino games. There may be others who consider it rude and unprofessional if not bad luck. It fits into the broader superstition that pride comes before a fall.
  3. While the number 13 is notorious for being bad luck, some parts of the world consider the number to be a symbol of good luck like Asia. Similarly, while the number 7 is widely known to be lucky, it is considered to be of bad luck in Australia. Superstitious gamblers there may have a thing or two to say to you if you were to say “seven” out loud while playing craps.

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  1. In the Philippines, pregnant women are considered lucky, and superstitious people will rub a pregnant woman’s belly for good luck. At a casino, a pregnant woman is thought to drive away bad energy and bring the players good luck.
  2. In Bulgaria and Siberia, an itchy right hand is believed to be a sign that you will be giving away your money soon. Likewise, an itchy left hand means you’re in luck of receiving some money shortly.
  3. One particular belief that draws its origin from New Orleans, a city in Louisiana famous for its voodoo practices is the “mojo bag” superstition dating back to the 19th century. It has been said that if you stack up a flannel sack with the right combination of lucky objects and herbs, you won’t ever see yourself losing at gambling.

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