Types of Methodist Churches

The Methodist Church first began in England during the 18th century when the church of England was being reformed. The Wesley brothers formed the Holy Club at the University of Oxford, where they held weekly meetings to talk about the Methodist way of living their lives. The Methodist idea was to use the rules and methods to determine lotto 4d religious convictions. The term “Methodist” was used to mock the group for their beliefs which were turned into a title by the leader of the club, John Wesley. He was also the person to coin the term, “agree to disagree.”

The Methodist churches believed that all people have the ability to accept or reject salvation from sin 711 kelab online casino. Their doctrine states that human beings are capable of achieving Christian perfection in their lifetime, so the churches support and encourage all the good works and faith. Today there are three different types of Methodist churches throughout the world.

United Methodist Church

Methodist Church

United Methodist Church believes in the doctrines written in the documents named as The Articles of Religion and The Confession of Faith. John Wesley wrote the sermons and several notes on the New Testament, explaining the importance of studying the doctrines. The churches form the Methodist groups came to be known as Methodist Episcopal Churches. Soon many Methodist churches started renaming themselves based on the regions and cultures. The United Methodist Church was formed to encompass all the groups in the United States together in 1968.

Free Methodist Church

The Free Methodist Church was first organized in the United States, 1860. The early members formed the first churches in Illinois and New York. The motive behind building these churches was to stay true to their church beliefs. The members of free Methodist churches rejected slavery and did not give membership to any slave owners. Even today, the free Methodist churches work to create better relationships between the communities. They work towards promoting the right justice and peace among people and helping the poor with the right community support. The membership for free Methodist churches has grown from the United States to places around the world, including Brazil, India, Burundi, Congo, and more.

Methodist Church

African Methodist Episcopal Church

The African Methodist Episcopal churches were formed for the free African society in 1787. An organization lotto 4d live result was formed to provide the right aid to the community of African citizens of the United States. At first, the AME churches focused more on helping the African descent from the intolerance and discrimination they faced during those times. But they were still open to people from all races and cultures based on the Methodist theology. Today the AME churches have spread around the North American regions, and also in South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. They have a history of containing the names of many known leaders, such as Rosa Parks, Vernon Jordan, and Oliver Brown.

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